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Top 5 Tech Skills to Have in 2022
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Top 5 Tech Skills to Have in 2022

Thanks to the consistent disruptions introduced by technology in the world of business, across verticals and sectors, some tech skills are never going to be out of demand. Add to it, the aftermath of the COVID outbreak, technology has in fact made the world a much smaller place than it ever has been. In fact, technology was the only aspect that kept the world going when everything else was at a standstill.

As such, if you’re trying to make inroads into the intriguing world of technology or are looking to upskill yourself to be in demand, we’re here to make things streamlined for you. Here are the 5 tech skills that are in hot demand in 2022 and shall continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

The fact that ML and AI are sweeping the world off its feet should come as no secret, especially when the world nowadays feels like a beta version of our beloved sci-fi films, only much less chaotic. Why, you ask? How else would we identify patterns and data that could be easily missed otherwise? Not to mention, business automation would have still remained a distant dream. AI/ML is stealing the scene as virtually every organization now has people who work remotely. They can also be used to improve endpoint security and protect corporate data and devices. Due to its enormous potential, it's one of the most in-demand talents among both companies and employees.

Data Analytics & Data Science

Data science has been fuelling the modern world and lending meaning to otherwise incoherent pieces of information around the world. On one hand, without data, it would have been next to impossible for governments and organizations around the world to make critical decisions that keep us going. While on the other hand, organizations are suffering from a scarcity of skills in the field of data science and analytics, making the field one of the most coveted skills to have in the modern world.

Business Analytics

Most people are confused between the terms data analytics and business analytics. While both skills deal with data, how it’s put into use is what distinguishes the two. While a data analyst collects, modifies and analyses data to extract useful information and understandable insights, business analysts use data to enable strategic business decisions. And business growth in the modern world is all about critical data-driven decisions. Exactly why this skill has been in demand and shall continue to be so for long.

Software Development(Programming)

The software development job market is growing faster than the rest of the IT industry. If experts are to be believed, software developer jobs are projected to grow by 21% by 2028, while application developer jobs are predicted to grow by 28%. Programming jobs are expected to grow to 28 million worldwide over the next few years. There’s a growing demand for computer software and mobile phone apps, led by popular programming languages like Python, JavaScript, and C#.

Project Management

Smart project management is what keeps a ship afloat amid rising tides of uncertainty in the market and general affairs. Without project management skills, teams would find it extremely difficult to focus on generating the right value for businesses. And when it comes to completing projects on time and within budget, it is the job of a project manager to create, communicate and implement a project strategy to mitigate business challenges and sail the team to success. Do we need to elaborate more on why this is such an important skill to have?

Give wings to your skills OutsideThePC

At OTPC, we’re working towards building seamless systems and processes that help modern businesses around the globe to scale and grow consistently. As such, we have an ongoing requirement of tech masters across verticals and fields to help us achieve our vision. If you think your skills can add value to some of the most brilliant businesses out there, you can write to us at with your updated resume, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with outstanding opportunities.