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Top 6 IT Staff Augmentation Trends in 2022
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Top 6 IT Staff Augmentation Trends in 2022

The business landscape in the post-Covid world is undergoing many reforms. From work culture to business plans and models, practices are changing throughout. Hybrid work culture and remote work have become a norm in 2022. As a result, staff augmentation services are now a widely accepted staffing solution to hire skilled resources. The advancements created by globalization and digitization further simplify the access to utilizing augmented staffing services.

In this blog, we take a look at the trends in IT staff augmentation in 2022.

IT Staff Augmentation Trends in 2022

In the post-pandemic world, global IT outsourcing is growing exponentially. As companies adapt to new ways of working, some of the trends we see in IT staff augmentation services in 2022 are as follows:

1. Cybersecurity

As the remote workforce increases, cybersecurity attacks become a major concern. The demand for cybersecurity professionals is expected to shoot up, with every organization needing tools and training to shield their systems from the attack of hackers.

2. Advanced technology

Technologies such as cloud computing, AI, ML, RPA, etc., are being extensively used by organizations to streamline their workflows. There will be a huge demand for specialists in this area.

3. Customer experience (CX)

Organizations have started looking more seriously into improving CX as it translates directly to sales in today’s competitive market. There are tremendous opportunities in the CX field as businesses of all scales are prioritizing customer experience.

4. New locations

As staff augmentation services become popular, competition is increasing. Vendors from new regions are emerging with augmentation services and challenging traditional markets.

5. Flexible work

With the remote work culture in place, flexibility in the work schedules has become unavoidable. Companies are looking for resources to work flexibly according to internal team schedules, client needs, and other factors.

6. Soft skills

As the staff augmentation market is maturing and the talent pool is becoming wide, companies are looking for resources with soft skills such as good communication skills, interpersonal skills, and time management.

OutsideThePC - Your IT Staff Augmentation Partner

Here at Outside the PC, we pride ourselves for providing practical solutions across a wide range of challenges faced by IT development teams and our skills augmentation services are no exception. Right from the onset, we’re clear on one thing - we never consider ourselves an agency; we’re your staff augmentation partners, an innate extension of your HR team if you may.

Before anything else, we are a technology startup ourselves. The problem we are solving in the skills augmentation area is the problem we faced when we were looking out for skills! Skills are not easy to find, especially in current times, and we have developed our own methods to now onboard the right fit for our customers’ needs. Often, we juggle our employees to fulfill needs and we go to the market with a full-fledged skills pipeline. So, even in emergency cases where one of your augmented or in-house staff becomes temporarily unavailable, trust us to cover for you with our pre-designed skills model, tailored to your needs.

We start with understanding your skill challenges in depth, across all aspects. Only then do we proceed with helping you with the shortlisted profiles. And when we say shortlisted, we mean a maximum of 5 CVs for you to choose from. Plus, our team helps you define clear, multi-way engagement channels that mitigate the chances of miscommunication and data theft.

So, the next time you find yourself in need of skilled experts, all you have to do is think Outside the PC and explore the world of streamlined skills augmentation.