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Privacy Policy

Respecting customer privacy is of utmost importance to OutsideThePC (OTPC). To assure you of our commitment to privacy, OTPC adopts the following standards in delivering this service to you.

Confidentiality of your personal Information

Your personal information will be kept confidential with us. We will protect your privacy and use your personal information as necessary to operate OTPC service and to fulfil legal and regulatory obligations.

Security of your personal information

We safeguard information about you according to established and commercially reasonable security standards and procedures. We strive to upgrade our technology for protecting customer information on an ongoing basis.

OTPC has control process that limit employee access to your personal information to those employees who needs it for business reason. We also educate our employees about the importance of confidentiality and customer privacy through standard operating procedures, training programs, and internal policies.

Protecting your information exchanged online

When you apply online for our service, or provide information to us at our website, you provide personal and financial information that is necessary for us to process your application or payments. Information provided to us at our website is sent in a secured loop established with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. SSL protects information that is sent over the Internet between your computer and OTPC by encrypting it and thus prevents any potential misuse of the data.

If you have any questions or require any further clarification, please contact us at: