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Our solution IoT

Switch on the light bulb of success with an IoT enabled business
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Establish seamless connections between the world of technology and humans even as the world becomes more connected than ever before and the spaces between digital and physical keep narrowing.

Break barriers in expanding your business, with OutsideThePC’s IoT powered applications and products that range from improving the standard of living to revenue generation and profit optimization.

Be a pioneer with us. Embark on a journey to a reliable and resilient future now.

Deliver enhanced customer engagement and operational efficiency with access to real time data, reach the right customers, and serve them with IoT enabled products and services.

Our inhouse expertise supports you throughout - from planning and consultation to the development and deployment stages. Reach your full potential by leveraging existing potential and infusing it with the right technology.

Here are some of the products we have developed and pioneered:

  • Wireless Sensor Nodes
  • Asset Tracking/ Monitoring (RFID/BLE)
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitor
  • Smart City – Pollution Monitoring with GPS
  • DairyTech IoT
  • AgriTech IoT
  • Telecom Tower Monitoring
  • IoT Learning Kits
  • Smart Water Meter
  • IoT Smart Home
  • Smart Electricity Meter
  • Aquaculture IoT

We've also built Factory Assembly Line Performance Monitoring Systems, Air Quality Monitoring (AQM) – Indoor/Outdoor Systems and a Smart Touch-free Sanitizer product.

We’ve got your back. We are pioneers in connecting businesses to success and growth with IoT that connects the world of technology and humans.